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The Sun in 500 Words

The Sun in Rider Waite TarotThe Sun is about feeling good. Or joy if you prefer. The simple joy of living, of eating food, of spending time with family. Or the joy of finishing a project, of a marriage, of having a baby.

I don’t really have too much to say on this. Happiness is over-worshiped in this era, and almost everything that need to be said has already being said by someone else for a hundred times. Everywhere you turn, you could see people talking about happiness, positive thinking, well-being, peace, love, gratitude, and joy.

I think I’ll talk about what happiness cannot do then.

1.Happiness is not a solution to your problems.

Contrary to popular beliefs, good feelings don’t make your problems go away. It will make you feel better but it doesn’t solve the problem.

You could read jokes all day and feel very happy for that, but that doesn’t pay the rent, or make someone love you.

To many people happiness is alcohol: a good thing abused to escape whatever you don’t want to face, and it hurts you badly.

This addiction to happiness could appear when The Sun is reversed. It’s about someone who seems to be happy all the time, but never solved any of the serious problems in her life.

2.Happiness is not the goal of your life.

To be more specific, the feeling of happiness is not the goal of your life. You could say your happiness is to take care of your family and that’s your goal, no problem with that.

What I’m talking about here is the obsession with feeling happy, to the extent that you hate any negative feelings.

Dedicate your life to feeling good is like dedicating your life to sex, it feels good but it doesn’t feel right. There are more important things to focus on.

Maybe it goes like this? You feel there is nothing good in your life, you feel desperate. So desperate that you need to cling to something that you believe will light up your life. To some, that something is money, to some it is love, and then to some, it is the feeling of happiness.

Aside from feeling good, The Sun also implies there is nothing hidden. Since the sun is shining, and the baby is naking, any secrets will be revealed, and there will be open communications. But there is no guarantee that this may not turn out to be a problem. You might get caught for cheating. You might get caught for driving while being drunk. Whatever you do, this card says that you have nowhere to hide.