Lone Tarot Reader


Note: this blog likely will not be updated. If you enjoy my writing, you could check out my other blog (not related to Tarot).

Lone Tarot Reader teaches you Tarot and occasionally screws your mind by its heretical ideas (Though most of them still haven’t been written down yet).

Here are some of my heretical unique views:

A) This is about life. I don’t talk about the cards just to talk about the cards. When I say there are no good cards or bad cards, I also mean is there are no good things or bad things in life.

B) Pain is inevitable. We can’t escape it, we can only accept it. Denying them by pursing positivity and happiness doesn’t work.

C) Tarot reading often helps people avoid taking responsibilities and stay emotionally dependent. Many people will never want to be admit that their life is their fault, and Tarot readers offer them emotional support so they don’t kill themselves.

Who Am I

My name is Yi Xiang and I am a homo sapiens (aka, human). I also happen to be a Chinese.

My journey with Tarot began in 2009. At the same year I started my first Tarot blog (in Chinese). Like many people new to Tarot, I started reading every tarot book I could get my hands on and started participating in online Tarot communities.

Fast forward to 2012, I had already became an experienced Tarot reader and half-decent writer. I coauthored a book on Tarot and started to think about taking Tarot as the career of my life.

Then I failed. Then I quit in 2014. Before I quit, I finished my second book which is about my understanding of the whole 78 Tarot cards. Again, this book is in Chinese.

Then in 2015 I tried to become a professional Tarot reader again, and failed again. Then I started writing English and decided to try my luck with a worldwide audience.

Please feel free to contact me.

Why The Name

Firstly, because I’m an introvert. I spend most of my time alone.

Despite all the talks of looking inward and inner mystery and stuffs like that, most Tarot readers are extroverts, constantly hanging out and socializing.

While other Tarot readers are listening and talking, I’m reading and writing.

While other Tarot readers are busy connecting, I’m alone and thinking.

I’m a loner who failed at becoming a professional Tarot reader because (I think) I spend too much time alone.

Secondly, because some of my ideas are heretical. Not nontraditional, not alternative, but heretical.

Here is an example.

Most people involved with Tarot see it as a tool for personal transformation and empowerment. I think this applies only to a handful of people.

From my experience, most people seeking Tarot readers are emotionally dependent people who don’t know what to do in a crisis. Tarot readers then comfort them so that they can feel better, though this doesn’t help them solve their problem.

If that’s not heretical enough, I don’t think this is a problem. Like the ritual of funeral helps the living deal with their loss by telling them the dead will have a happy afterlife, the ritual of Tarot reading helps people deal with crisis by telling them everything will be fine.

That’s the answer for a problem troubled me for long. How do we help those who don’t want to help themselves? Provide them rituals to ease their mind. That is also what they seek.