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The Magician in 500 Words

The Magician in Rider Waite TarotThis is the second article in the series Tarot in 500 Words.

The Magician could be a master of one skill. Like a master of chess, or computer programming or communication or magic. By extension, it could also mean the mastery of one skill.

With great skill comes the ease to do what one wants, and this could be good or bad, depending on the situation and one’s character. A bus driver with good skills can save many lives in danger, but the same driver may drive the car into a building and kill people.

As another example, this card could also represent a man good at communications, especially flirting with women. He could use it to attract a woman that he loves or to have one night stands.

Man is not the only sex to blame, of course. There are women who are great at manipulating men and take advantage of their stupidity.

Speak of manipulation, this word can be associated with the Magician too. Both the manipulation of a machine and of a human being.

You may have heard that The Magician has the keyword of illusion but don’t know what it means. It simply means lies. Playing with words is one skill that can be used for one’s own gain while ruining everyone else’s life.

But I don’t mean to say Magician is evil and you should avoid them as much as you can. Magician, as any card in a tarot deck, is neutral. He may as well be that college who solves a very tricky problem that everybody thought was impossible to solve.

The Magician is charismatic and confident, he can easily grab your attention, just as a magician performing tricks. And you will sometimes believe this man is so good at his job that there is nothing he cannot solve.

People often describe such people with words like smart, genius, capable, and sometimes arrogant. But sometimes you overestimate the Magician, it’s not that he really can solve any problems, he just gives such an impression.

Sometimes an experienced tarot reader will give you this impression when he says he basically won’t ever do a tarot reading wrong. It sounds arrogant, I know, but it’s just what he honestly feels. And I have to say sometimes I feel the same. I also feel that there isn’t a programming problem that I can’t solve, while I know I am not that great at all.

It’s just a feeling.