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How to Learn the Whole 78 Tarot Cards in 3 Days

Tarot is hard to learn. You learn history, correspondence, four elements, and a lot other stuffs. But maybe the hardest of all, you have to learn the meanings of every single card in a Tarot deck. And there are usually 78 of them. That’s a ton of work.

You are told there is no shortcut. Then you become desperate because you just can’t read that damn book several times to understand every card! I understand. I’ve been there before. Just when I was about to give up on Tarot, I found a magical technique to help me learn all Tarot cards in 3 days!

3 days before I was a newbie, but 3 days later I was reading like a pro. People kept asking me do I keep my memories from past lives, because they couldn’t believe that I can give such accurate readings without several decades of experience. I couldn’t believe too, but it just happened.

For years I have kept this secret to myself, but now you can have this secret, for free too. There is no catch whatsoever, just that I will be selling you a $7,999 course which you will be very very excited to buy.

You wanna hear the secret? Well, get ready cause it’s gonna blow your mind!

You ready? Good.

The secret to learn the whole 78 Tarot cards in 3 days is:

Forget about it.

Seriously, forget about it. You won’t learn the whole deck in 3 days, just like you won’t make a million in 3 days, maybe unless you are already a billionaire.

Anyone who claims that you can is trying to sell you something. Classic sales technique, buy this car and you would be so beautiful that you don’t know how to refuse the many princes charming coming your way.

Note how I made up these absurd comments? It’s intended to mock this sales-letter-filled world.

But you are disappointed, you feel that I have lied to you. Don’t worry, we will talk about how to learn Tarot quick at the end of the post, I promise.

Now, just hear more about why you should forget about learning Tarot in 3 days.

The Reward Is an Illusion

You want to learn Tarot fast because you want the reward of learning it.

But what’s that reward that you want so eagerly anyway?

To impress all your friends with your awesome fortunetelling skill?

To finally know whether your boyfriend is having an affair?

To help you learn about yourself and grow as a person?

We’ll talk about those one by one.

If you want to impress your friends:

First, how much impressed they are is more about what a performer you are. You can know nothing about Tarot and people can be amazed. Just talk nonsense. It works.

Second, there will be people who call you a witch. So it’s a mixed experience.

Third, people will say you are accurate and omg how amazing it is! After a short while you’ll get used to it. Once you get it daily, it’s not that great.

So if you want to impress your friends, you’d better learn something else.

If you want to catch your cheating boyfriend:

You can’t tell whether he is cheating from the cards. How? Because you would be too emotional to tell anything.

And even if you can, it won’t matter cause it won’t help your relationship. If he is cheating, so now you can finally make a scene and dump him? I bet you already have reasons to do that . If he is not cheating, most likely you will keep pushing him as if he is.

Because the issue is that you feel insecure. His not cheating doesn’t help.

If you want to learn about yourself:

You’re learning yourself every moment while you are learning Tarot. So the reward is already there.

It’s Okay to Take Time

Maybe the reason you want to learn Tarot fast is not that you want to claim the reward, but that you are uncomfortable being a beginner, and just want to speed things up.

Maybe you are so into Tarot that you can’t wait to learn everything there is to learn in one hour.

Or you may have high expectations for yourself. Why am I learning so slowly! I am supposed to finish one card at a day and get the whole deck done in no time!

Well, relax, it’s okay to take time. It’s okay to be rather slow at learning the cards. We all are. After all, there are 78 of them.

Our expectations are rarely realistic, so don’t blame yourself just because you think you are slow.

Everybody starts from zero so nobody is gonna blame you because you’re a beginner.

Just do it at your own pace.

How to Actually Learn Tarot Fast

So finally, after I have told you how you should forget about learning Tarot fast, now it’s time for me to actually teach you how to learn Tarot fast.

You ready for the secret? Good. The secret is:

Forget about it.

No, this time I’m not joking. By stopping caring about how long it will take you to learn Tarot, you can actually start learning Tarot. Those among us who learn Tarot at the fastest speed, are those who are so into learning that they spend several hours doing it every day, without realizing it.