Lone Tarot Reader

Judgement in 500 Words

Judgement in Rider Waite TarotJudgement is about calling, it’s a sudden urge so intense that it feels like as if it’s not you that desire it, but an angel that is calling you. You might be telling yourself, you have to do this, this is what you are meant to do.

You might want to change career, you might want to get married, you might want to move to Asia and start all over again. Whatever it is, the decision would have big influences on your life. After the plan is carried out, you might be thinking about how you never expected this to happen but is very grateful for it.

This is the moment that you found your passion, that you dropped everything seems dear to you to pursue what really matters. But there is a twist.

Firstly, it might be a delusion, especially when the card is reversed, and especially when you find your passion and purpose every week. This week it’s “I’m gonna be a Tarot reader and save everyone”, next week it’s “I’m gonna be an artist and draw beautiful pictures”, another week passes and you’re onto something else. Apparently all of them are just illusions.

Secondly, you don’t just embrace such a life-changing desire. There will be fear. There will be doubt. There will be procrastination. Just think about all these people stuck in a job they don’t like. The reason that they don’t do whatever they enjoy more is that they fear the unknown.

You will fear the unknown too when you feel “the calling”, and then you might be thinking about doing something for years without actually doing it. And you might still think that you’re waiting for the calling.

Sometimes judgement is about how it’s time to let go of something. A relationship, a career, or a hobby. You will often see people deny their desire to let go. It happens a lot in relationships. Someone could be feeling dissatisfied, unhappy, and hearing the “calling” to end it, while still believing that she wants to stay in this relationship. Oftentimes she will be convinced that she is in a battle with fate or the Gods or other people, and has to fight to secure her love. But she is just fighting her own desire to leave what makes her unhappy. Often she will also blame her partner for “wanting to leave her”, or “not love her”, and cause a lot of drama. Of course she will deny that she wants to end the relationship. Stronger the denial, stronger the urge to leave, and the relationship usually suffers.